Nikollah is a French artist based in London.

Born and raised in Paris’s suburb, he always has been attracted by drawing, painting and expressing himself through art. Self-taught, he started painting while watching his mother paint and created his own manga characters when he was young.  Was only around his 30’s when Nikollah started to paint on a daily basis; finding his way to express his feelings through painting/art.

Through the majority of his paintings, Nikollah is trying to paint his people; sometime himself, but more generally his belief in humanity. As a young artist, his style is not yet totally defined and he still loves to explore different way to express his feelings.

Nikollah is still this kid drawing and painting for himself but today, he decided it was time for him to share his vision of the world… Everything has a start.


  • The only people who never fail are those who never try – Ilka chase (1900-1978)